The matching process and our services in detail

Let us advise you

Our service starts with getting acquainted and an individual consultation session.

We are your ideal partner in following cases:

1. You are not quite sure about your exact requirements yet: You are not entirely sure yet how to carry out your digitization idea or what requirements you actually need for your project. We help you to sort out your ideas and give you a vision as well as different options how to proceed.

2. You already have a specific project: You know what your requirements are and can share them with us. We help you to define more, necessary specifications for a successful matching.

3. Your project is already running: Even in this case we can help you. Especially, if a solution you are using, is not working for you or if you want to find alternative solutions. By finding a solution that actually fits your requirements, we can save your project together.

Submit your request

After registration you can create a user and a company profile. Subsequently you can create a request for your project. We gladly go through these steps with you together!


Did you know? If you have any queries we provide you with a personal business consultant who is happy to help you with your questions.

Start the matching!

Our matching is based on your submitted information. The requirements of your request are being compared with possible solutions by our AI-based Platform. Here, we use Big Data, Expert System as well as Artificial Intelligence like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural language Processing and Neural Learning to find the best fitting solution for your project.


You will receive up to four suggestions of possible solutions that are additionally reviewed by our experts. Something particularly helpful: Your final solution can also be “composed” of several individual solutions and thereby cover your requirements precisely.


In the event of not finding the perfect match, our research specialist will search for a fitting solution manually by using our extensive network and automated crawlers.

Review the solutions

You will receive a general description of the matched solutions, what challenges they can meet, their individual benefits and what specific functionalities they provide. Based on these information you can already rate the compatibility of the proposed solutions for your project.

Adjust until your final decision

If you need more information to decide upon one of the solutions, we can provide you with whatever you need until you are 100% sure. After each adjustment a new and improved matching process takes place until you find the ideal solution.


We categorically and objectively analyze the quality of the requirements as well as the solutions. That way we can compare them with each other independently.


Important: The entire process is anonymous. We will connect you to providers only after you chose their respective solution and want to get in contact with them.

We connect you

After your approval we connect you with the provider of your selected solution and arrange a first meeting – personally, via phone or mail, whatever suits you best.


If you already have a concrete schedule available, we will pass it on to the provider as well as other necessary information. That way you can start your meeting directly with the important matters. Both parties know what they want, need and can provide. If you want, we can stay with you during this talk and take over the organization or moderation.

Give us your feedback

After meeting the provider we will ask you for your feedback to make sure everything was met to your satisfaction.

If there is still a need for clarification we will take care of it and ensure the quality. After all, we want you to be happy with your decision. In that case the path is clear to start the project and implement your chosen solution!

We stay with you as mediator

Depending on the project, we will check in on you at defined regular intervals to ensure your satisfaction. Upon request we will also stay available for further queries and can help with your project implementation as mediator.

Any questions?

We would love to hear from you! In general, you can use our matching platform online but if you want, we can also implement our service into your own IT infrastructure to see if you already have a fitting solution for your project. Or you can choose a hybrid option and try both scenarios simultaneously.

Your benefits with knooing

All requirements and solutions are checked for quality by us.

With us as your efficient sourcing tool, you will save time, costs and further resources.

The process is completely transparent and saves you unnecessary effort.

You remain anonymous.

Select a service package

Get to know us. We support you. One of our business consultants advises and accompanies you all the way to your first match.



5 users
60 requests/year




15 users
150 requests/year




unlimited number of users
5 requests






For Small and Medium Entrepreneurs

You have up to 1.000 employees and need help to specify your digital projects?

With our special offer for SME we want to give you the chance to find a solution for your individual project fast and easy. We also include an individual preconsulting session by one of our experts! Get one request for a onetime payment of 950€.




unlimited number of users
1 request