You have the solution

Our intelligent Matching connects you with profitable projects.

Companies with digitization projects are looking for the best solutions on the knooing platform. Cloud, Data & Analytics, ERP, Collaboration, Security and more. Simply create your provider profile - we take care of the rest: our Platform compares the project requirements with your profile for each request. If there is a Match, we connect the user with you!

Win new contracts

​Via our intelligent Matching-Platform you receive projects that are ready to be put into practice with your solution.

Take on exclusive orders

​You can be matched with projects of various Big Players of different industries with your profile.

Reduce workload of Marketing and Sales

​Save time and costs. Just create a profile, submit your solutions and get matched!

Stand out with your solution

​All that what counts is your technology. Our Matching process is independent, anonymous and fair.

Benefit from a new Sales channel

​You will have access to our knooing Community which includes top costumers of your target industry.

Customize your profile and solutions

​Our Matching process is iterative, meaning you can often readjust and thereby easily optimize your solutions.

Be a part of our exclusive Platform

Our Platform is for providers that meet the needs of our users. Those are normally multinational or large enterprises. That is why we check you against our knooing standards before giving you access. After all, if there is no chance of winning a contract, what's the point in registering in the first place.

We ensure the quality and professionalism of our Platform by checking providers for

We also conduct a web cross-check. If you fullfill our knooing standards, you have good chances of winning high profile contracts soon!

Choose a service package

Depending on demand and company size we offer you different service packages

Free Version

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Basic Standard

contract term:
12 months

1 User 3 Users
3 Products 10 Products
personal onboarding

Small Enterprise

annual turnover < 10 mio. €
contract term:
12 months

Large Enterprise

annual turnover > 10 mio. €
contract term:
12 months

10 Users

20 Products

Access to our knooing® Platform and Matchmaking

Individual support and personal advice by one of our business consultants

Editorial support to create blog articles about chosen solutions

Advertising and distribution of blog articles via our knooing® Community as well as social media channels

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

The process for our providers

Get an insight on what we can do for you. This is how our Matching process works for providers:

You create a profile

After concluding the contract, you register on our platform, create your company’s and users’ profiles. You can upload your various solutions as anonymous portfolios. In those, you describe the individual solutions, their advantages, functionalities and the problems they meet.

We optimize your specifications

We check your information and solutions and give you feedback which means you can readjust them individually. In doing so, we ensure that your solutions are prepared to be matched ideally. After our review and approval your solutions are ready to be matched!

The Matching starts!

Based on the requirements of the users’ requests your solutions will be matched against them. Our AI platform compares these requirements with the portfolios you created earlier. In order to do that our platform is supported among others by Big Data, Expert Systems and AI like Machine and Deep Learning,  Natural Language Processing as well as Neural Networks.

This means that with each request your solutions can be matched and selected. That’s how you can gain new clients for your business!

The best fitting solutions are selected

The matched solutions are presented to the user anonymously. Solely the quality of the solution is what matters. If users are matched to a few solutions that they are interested in and want to get further information, one of our business consultants will reach out to you until there is sufficient clearance for them to make a decision. With this iterative process we make sure that the eventually chosen solution fits perfectly to the requirements.

We connect you with the user

The Matching process terminates when the user choses your solution. Then we will notify and connect you with the user by arranging a first meeting – personally, via telephone or mail.

We keep supporting you

We will support you until contract closing. Upon request we can also stay with you during the project as mediator.

We permanently advance our service

In order to improve our Matching service continuously, we will ask for your and the user’s feedback at the end. That way, we can ensure the high quality performance of our platform.