How it works

Our matching pro­cess

1. Making con­tact

The user makes con­tact with knooing® or is con­tac­ted by knooing®.


2. Pro­ject defi­ni­ti­on

The knooing® con­sul­tants pro­vi­de sup­port in crea­ting pro­ject requests and their prio­ri­ty.


3. Con­tent matching

knooing® com­pa­res the pro­ject requi­re­ments from users with the pro­vi­der pro­files. Fol­lo­wing this matching pro­cess, sui­ta­ble pro­vi­der pro­files are sug­gested to the user.


4. Pro­po­sed solu­ti­ons

The sug­gested pro­vi­der pro­files are pro­vi­ded with rele­vant pro­po­sed solu­ti­ons in the pri­va­te sec­tion of the knooing® Com­mu­ni­ty.


5. Match

When a match is found, at the user’s request we make direct con­tact with the pro­vi­der and pro­vi­de sup­port for the remai­ning steps, such as coor­di­na­ting the dead­lines.

As the faci­li­ta­tor, we pro­vi­de you with sup­port throug­hout the ent­i­re cour­se of the pro­ject.