How it works foR IT users

How it works

1. Crea­te pro­ject

Sim­ply descri­be your pro­ject, requi­re­ments, or objec­tives anony­mous­ly on our plat­form myknooing. If requi­red, we also sup­port you per­so­nal­ly.


2. Con­tent matching

Our plat­form matches your pro­ject with solu­ti­ons of our IT pro­vi­ders. As part of the matching pro­cess, if necessa­ry, fur­t­her qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons of your pro­ject take place.


3. Pro­po­sed solu­ti­ons

You will recei­ve the result of our matching as a clear and com­pre­hen­si­ble review. You can now fami­lia­ri­ze yours­elf with the sug­ges­ti­ons. Schould you have any que­ries or requi­re more detail­ed infor­ma­ti­on, we will assist you per­so­nal­ly.



4. Match

Once you have deci­ded on one or more sug­ges­ti­ons, we will put you in con­tact with the pro­vi­der to cla­ri­fy the pro­ject details. We are hap­py to assist with the coor­di­na­ti­on and fur­t­her qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons. Even after the pro­ject has star­ted, we remain your netu­ral con­tact and media­tor.

Our ser­vices

The search for the ide­al IT solu­ti­on starts with the descrip­ti­on of your pro­ject, your requi­re­ments and your objec­tive. Based on the­se results and our matching expe­ri­ence, we can pre­sent you sui­ted solu­ti­ons for your pro­ject. Throug­hout the pro­cess we can sup­port you on request as a faci­li­ta­tor, media­tor and con­sul­tant.


enter your indi­vi­du­al request ins­te­ad of fil­ling out com­pli­ca­ted ques­tionaires


objec­tive, inde­pen­dent and anony­mous matching of solu­ti­ons

digi­tal and stan­dar­di­zed pro­ces­ses so you have more time for your dai­ly busi­ness


per­so­nal con­sul­ting to ensu­re best results

Your bene­fits

As an inde­pen­dent ser­vice pro­vi­der we search for the best fit­ting solu­ti­on for you. We take care of the com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on with the pro­vi­ders and send you a com­pre­hen­si­ble list of the best pos­si­ble alter­na­ti­ves for easy com­pa­ri­son. In that way, you can con­cen­tra­te on your core busi­ness and save time
and costs by out­sour­cing the search for pro­vi­ders.


inde­pen­dent and trans­pa­rent

As an inde­pen­dent part­ner we tre­at all the pro­vi­ders in our matching pro­cess equal­ly.

best solu­ti­ons

From Hid­den Cham­pi­on to DAX listed cor­po­ra­tes – we know the mar­ket and find the right solu­ti­on for you.

no unne­cessa­ry emails

We take over the necessa­ry
com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on until you
choo­se your solu­ti­on.

time and cost savings

Our expe­ri­ence and tested
pro­ces­ses acce­le­ra­te the search and redu­ce the amount of effort to find a right solu­ti­on for you.

Would you also like to get to know anony­mous­ly tested pro­vi­ders in no time?


Our packa­ges for users

con­tract peri­od: 12 mon­ths

Do you have any ques­ti­ons?

We would like to assist you fur­t­her. Don’t hesi­ta­te to get in con­tact with us via email or pho­ne: