About us — Manage­ment and Team


Our phi­lo­so­phy

At knooing®, we look back on 20 years of exper­ti­se in the IT sec­tor. Digi­ta­li­za­ti­on is crea­ting new chal­len­ges on a dai­ly basis, increa­sing the com­ple­xi­ty of the IT mar­ket. That’s why we have set our­sel­ves the goal of fin­ding the right solu­ti­ons for you. Wit­hin our net­work, we form uni­que part­nerships: we bring toge­ther agi­le stra­te­gists, spe­cia­lists from a varie­ty of fiel­ds, pas­sio­na­te deve­l­o­pers, hid­den cham­pi­ons and visio­na­ries. knooing® stands for know­ledge, trans­pa­r­en­cy, fle­xi­bi­li­ty and crea­ti­vi­ty.


Cars­ten Hoch­schon

Chief Exe­cu­ti­ve Offi­cer

Cars­ten Hoch­schon foun­ded knooing GmbH in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with blu Grup­pe AG in August 2013. The com­pa­ny was a mem­ber of blu Grup­pe AG until May 2016. As part of a manage­ment buy­out, blu Grup­pe AG sold its sha­res to mana­ging direc­tor Cars­ten Hoch­schon on May 24, 2016. At the same time, the com­pa­ny was ren­a­med knooing GmbH.

Cars­ten Hoch­schon has been fami­li­ar with a wide varie­ty of tasks in IT for more than 20 years. As a micro­elec­tro­nics engi­neer, he star­ted his pro­fes­sio­nal care­er in IT deve­lop­ment. Over the years, he has held various manage­ment roles in sales and ser­vices. Cars­ten Hoch­schon has been self-employed sin­ce 2013 and has been the mana­ging direc­tor of knooing GmbH ever sin­ce.

Com­ing soon

Chief Tech­no­lo­gy Offi­cer

Our team

The knooing team con­sists of busi­ness con­sul­tants, deve­l­o­pers, ana­lysts and mar­ke­ting. Through the team­work and the dif­fe­rent exper­ti­se, the actu­al matching takes place. This makes the knooing® busi­ness model actual­ly pos­si­ble.

Lydia Som­mer

Chief Finan­ci­al Offi­cer

Liz Kara­ba­cak

Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tor

Phil­ipp Pietsch

Busi­ness Con­sul­tant

Selina-Lena Wohlfart

Soci­al Media & Mar­ke­ting Mana­ger

Tobi­as Kal­ler

Rese­arch Spe­cia­list

Salo­me Capuc­cio

Stra­te­gic Plan­ning Mana­ger

Chun­yu Zhang

Soft­ware­de­sign & Deve­lop­ment

Sta­nis­lav Shchip­u­n­ov

Seni­or Full­stack Deve­l­oper

Con­tact per­son

Liz Kara­ba­cak

Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tor
Manage­ment sup­port, finan­ce, con­tracts and HR

E-Mail: info@knooing.de